June 2018

by Ruwan Berculo, Director VIV Worldwide


We have it, and that"s unique:
The Olympics, the FIFA World Cup ... unique events lots of people love the world throughout.
As a sector in agrifood, we have this too. People all around the
world love our unique, "once-every- four-years" VIV Europe event, that ranges from Feed-to-Food.

This coming June 20, 21 and 22, 2018 the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands hosts you and many thousands of your colleagues: Directors, technicians, nutritionists, traders, from the East and from the West. All are welcome!

Geopolitically, our world has become truly turbulent. We"ve known such times in the past, when I was a kid and way before I was born. However, today, with such significant shifts in power, we"re completely re-arranging the world map. That"s what is new today.
There is not a single corner on our planet that will be left behind or left untouched. Who takes the lead? China, India, Russia, Turkey, Iran ... Which leader jumps on stage to lead, and to connect! If I am to be asked in another four years, I might be able to give you the answer. But not right now!

We have brave and visionary leaders within our industry. R&D-wise we"ve got outstanding researchers to ensure we reach sufficient increases of our food supplies in both quality and quantity. We have demanding consumers, including you and me too, who require food that looks good, tastes good and feeds us well.

And we"ve got families in less developed regions of the world that just want healthy food or stay-alive food.
We need you, we need all of us: To tackle challenges that lie right in front of our feet.
Co-operation is key. Who says it"s not? But then again, in all fairness, do we really co-operate?

Are you that leader who will jump on stage to lead and connect?! Question yourself: Why do you get out of bed every morning? What is your true meaning in life? Challenge yourself to do well, to be better, to think globally. To act, right where you put your feet each day. Reading this well-established magazine comes with that responsibility.

It"s with full dedication that we at VIV Worldwide try to make a difference also by taking up our responsibilities. It"s about being good at what you do. And trying to excel at it. That"s our mission. To serve you best. To create that stage that you can climb upon.

For all professionals who play on the feed-to-food sector, VIV Europe provides that stage.
Most professionals reading this publication focus on feed and its related topics. That"s why I am so pleased to have the chance to address you. Feeding the world starts with feed, not to ignore vegetarians and vegans; not at all.

On a global scale however, it"s our duty to produce sufficient, safe and nutritious animal protein products for human consumption. Feed comes first. For which we need land, water, technology and healthy trade relations. That"s where geopolitics knocks on our door. As a sector we can act. We can break through barriers that contain us.

VIV Europe opens its doors on Wednesday June 20, 2018. During three full show days, we will welcome over 25,000 professionals from around the world. The exhibition and related conferences address key topics, clearly centered around feed and farm production and food production. It"s essential to have all leaders along the supply chain together at the same time. VIV Europe 2018 will yet again be that venue.

So let me finish with the invitation I started with: "Leaders within our sector, from all corners of the world, jump on our stage, take the lead and connect." We have provided that stage, one that is unique for our agrifood sector.

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