July 2018 


by Sven-Olof Malmqvist, M4L Board of Trustees, Owner at Grytåsa


"From farm to fork"is a well-used expression when one wants to try to explain the complexity producing high quality food to a fast-growing population.

But actually, it starts much earlier than at the farm level. A modern feed ration can consist of more than 50 different ingredients from basic carbohydrates, proteins down to micro elements and all of them must be of highest standards when it comes to hygiene, minimum levels of impurities etc but must of course being potent in form bioavailability so the uptake will be as high as possible.

In order to achieve all this one must have totally focus about traceability, best manufacture practices, precise analytical methods, basic raw material knowledge but also have tight control of the logistics, storing and handling of the material before producing the finished feed.

But it doesn"t stop here, after production it must be stored and distributed in a safe way and that is not the case everywhere. The weakest link in the chain must be detected and rectified and the one has to build on that and move forward.

Today we have several means and ways to keep it up to a high standard particularly in the most developed countries while there are miles of improvement in the less developed countries and here I think we have to transfer our accumulated knowledge in a more efficient way than before.

I do not have any precise figures of losses due to poor handling, storing and management both in finished feed but also pure raw material handling but it is significant.

I do believe that the international milling industry which act extremely global can contribute a lot in the future by making a parallel distribution of knowledge (software)while they are selling the "hardware".

With all the above measures I believe that we can produce food at quality standard that is affordable for a growing population.




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