by Halil Yirtimci, Board Member, Yemmak


Highly nutritious grains for feed, such as barley and corn, have been rationed for all animal species for many years. Crushing and flaking technology has increased the digestibility of barley in sheep feeding and has demostrated significant benefits in Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). In the flaking process, steamed grains are flaked with roller balls after steaming at 88-100˚C. The starch is gelatinised, whilst the integrity of the barley is preserved. Fermentation is achieved at the same time as bacteria is eliminated. The risk of dusting is very low in the crushing process.

For many years, the consumption of grains that have been subject to crushing has been a key method of ensuring the public receive metabolism-regulating and nutritious food. The reason why grains are recommended as part of a healthy diet, especially during breakfast, is because the acid in the starch does not form in the stomach. Grain flakes prove to be much healthier than other carbohydrates. The consumption of whole grains is often utilised in animal fattening programmes due to the proven increase in FCR.

The primary role of technology that crushes the grain is to ensure the homogeneous distribution of heat and moisture during the pre-steaming of the products and the preservation of all the essential nutrients when forming flakes. Post-flake drying and cooling is also essential to ensure the optimal end product.

Yemmak solutions implement a steam injection method at varying pressure and flow rates in different layers. This is a direct result of the company's extensive experience in flake processing. The design and rotation speeds of the rollers in flaking machines guarantee precise processing without any product breakage and damage. Single-point hydraulic or mechanically supported adjustment systems guarantee equal thickness and shape for each and every grain.

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