by Samuel Goldberg, Producer of SILO


Why is a film producer guest editing an agriculture magazine? Trust me, it's perplexing to me as well. I produced SILO, a film about a grain entrapment, but agriculture was far from my mind when the idea was pitched to me five years ago.

You see, I grew up in New York City and dreamed of working in movies as far back as I can remember. At first it was a need for self-expression, which led to an awareness of and desire for Hollywood glamour, and over time evolved into an appreciation for the power of storytelling to unite people. To produce empathy.

Well, the industry I grew up admiring isn't what it used to be. People rarely leave their homes to be immersed in the communal movie-going experience that was a staple of international culture for so long. Today the vast majority of films are either huge superhero 'tent poles', or tiny independent films that release direct-to-digital.

I fear that this new style of 'content consumption' – and it is often that, a binge of stories - can create silos of opinion, rather than a shared culture. It becomes like eating candy where we skip the digestion of important intellectual nutrients. I, for one, do watch a fair share of film and tv at home, but the experience pales in comparison to the rush I feel when sitting underneath the glowing lights of a movie screen surrounded by other people who've come for the same reason: to be entertained and to be moved.

Well, when I was pitched the idea for a feature film called SILO I knew next-to-nothing about agriculture, but something about the subject felt important, and weighty. I was a 'city boy' with little appreciation for what it took to get life-sustaining resources like food and water delivered to my doorstep. That convenience, I have learned over the past five years working on this film, is afforded to me because farmers work countless hours to fuel our planet.

SILO is about a grain entrapment accident and rescue. It's a thrilling, artful drama that depicts a day in the life of a small American farm town. But it's so much more than that. It's a movie about community. It's about people who care about each other and must unite to try and save the life of one of their own before he drowns in the crop that has sustained their way of life for generations; a crop that sustains our international community.

So, how did I get here? Well, it's been a long, tiring, adventurous movie-making journey. One that brought me to all corners of the United States of America in search of authentic stories and generous advisers to assist in the production of an incredibly ambitious film.

has changed my life in a positive way. And I think has done the same for others as well. I pray that it will prevent future deaths. And I hope that, as a reader interested in agriculture and a movie that depicts it, the film enriches your community as well. Thanks for doing what you do.

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