Famsun have officially entered The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards with their PTZL5000 Vacuum Coater, a new innovation that can coat pellets very fast with great accuracy.


These awards are presented at VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia to especially beneficial feed solutions released on the market in 2018 onwards. Only three weeks remain to enter your applications into the awards- get in touch now to enter your feed machinery!



The PTZL5000 Vacuum Coater's effective volume is 5000 litres, and the height of the solution is 5.6 metres. The capacity of the coater is 1500kg-per-batch. The coating period takes approximately just 270 seconds and the maximum capacity of the solution is 20 tonnes-per-hour, so the PTZL5000 is currently the biggest vacuum coater in the world.

The PTZL Vacuum Coater, with excellent sealing performance, creates and maintains a strong vacuum at a range from -950 mbar to 0 mbar and can achieve liquid addition levels up to 36 percent.

The vertical screw and the efficient spraying system work together to uniformly expose the feed pellets to the atomised liquids. Also, the smooth surface of feed contact parts and tight tolerances of the screw rotor and vessel chamber assure minimal wear or damage to pellets when mixing and minimum residues when discharging.



For more information about The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards, visit our event page.


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