Why Join the Exhibition?

Agriculture, Livestock, and Aquaculture are labor-intensive industry. In Taiwan particularly, aging farmers have become a severe pressure. It is expected that within few years, 20% of farmers will retire from the farming industry. The government decided to resolve the issue with integrating Taiwan"s advantages in manufacturing and technology, and providing funding support to accelerate the transformation process.

Since 2016, Council of Agriculture has invested 18 million USD to encourage farmers to replace its facilities and machineries. The council also stimulates the farmers to use Big Data and IoT to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. Most importantly, they aim to inspire younger generation to pursue career in agriculture.

By 2021, Taiwan officially obtain the OIE Announcement and become a non-foot and mouth disease (non-FMD) epidemic area. Also, as one of the few Asia Pacific region which is not affected by African Swine Fever, it is foreseen that pork from Taiwan will be able to return to the global market, thereby restoring the export prosperity and seizing the US$ 20 billion market.

Taiwan has frequent opinion exchange with ASEAN region through its expertise in seedling incubation technology and software-hardware codesign experience. Most importantly, both Taiwan and ASEAN region share similar weather condition. As of now, Taiwan has built up couple agricultural example zone with Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines, and Vietnam, thereby making Taiwan to become a great harbor to approach ASEAN market.