Roger Gilbert, Milling and Grain

Welcome and Introductions

08/07/2020 06:00
Dr. Mian Riaz, Texas A&M University

Single and Twin Screw: Pros and Cons

08/07/2020 06:15
Jonathan Iman, CPS

Project Planning: The Foundation for a Successful Extrusion Project

08/07/2020 06:45
Phil Erickson, Reynolds Engineering

Ultra-fine Grinding for Aqua Feed and Shrimp

08/07/2020 07:20
Dr Michael Cheng, Buhler Group

Bulk Density Control of Extruded Aqua Feed

08/07/2020 08:10
Emmanual Lavocat, Clextral

Twin-screw Extrusion: The Right Technology for Today's and Tomorrow's Quality Aquafeed

08/07/2020 08:45
Karsten Hoy, Andritz

Metris: A New Digital Solution for Extrusion

09/07/2020 06:14
Olaf Naehrig, Amandus Kahl

New Extruder Type 0EE 25 NG

09/07/2020 06:15
Ed de Souza, Wenger Manufacturing

Extrusional Operational Excellence Leadership

09/07/2020 07:45
Dr Kabir Chowdhury, Jefo

Managing Nutritional Wastes

09/07/2020 08:20

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Rebecca Sherratt