EuroTier, a leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management, is partnering with the largest professional annual dairy event in Ukraine, 15th International Dairy Congress, which takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine, February 28 – March 1, 2022. EuroTier offers Ukrainian farmers a venue to inspect in detail the latest dairy equipment discussed at the Congress.

With topics spanning technology, management, strategy and operational efficiency presented by more than 30 dairy industry speakers, the International Dairy Congress held in Ukraine, attracts over 1,000 attendees in total including some 600 leading Ukrainian dairy farmers.

'The dairy industry is facing turbulent times in Ukraine currently and this environment creates challenges that are forcing dairy farms to accelerate and implement energy-efficient technologies and become not just more flexible but also more digital. The International Dairy Congress is a key venue to explore viable farm strategies for the future. In this context, EuroTier offers an opportunity to fine-tune decisions on equipment,' says Yulia Bondarenko, Managing Director, DLG Ukraine.

International Dairy Congress discussion topics:

  • Strategy for the development of the dairy industry until 2030
  • Niches in the domestic market
  • How to become more efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Experience of other countries - which areas remain unused.


Leading dairy farms managers, government officials, Ukrainian and international experts as well as dairy business representatives make up the panel of speakers.

The International Dairy Congress delivers expert know-how to large-scale dairy farmers in Ukraine. The event enables dairy farmers to make informed decisions about future farm strategies and investment in farm equipment.

The organisers of the International Dairy Congress are the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Agri Council, and DYKUN Company

Ukrainian dairy farmers at EuroTier
The EuroTier trade fair, which takes place in Germany eight months after the XV International Dairy Congress, plays a central role for the participating Ukrainian dairy professionals offering close inspection and comparison of many potential dairy machinery options on one spot.

A popular venue among Ukraine's farmers, who also use the trade fair to connect with international dairy farming colleagues from over 100 countries, the EuroTier trade fair will take place November 15 to 18, 2022, at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds and will be supported by an additional digital offering.

EuroTier's program underpinned by 'Transforming Animal Farming' theme
The organiser DLG (German Agricultural Society) is placing the trade fair's technical program of the world's leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management under the guiding theme of "Transforming Animal Farming". The focus is on animal welfare, animal health, sustainability, emissions, genetics, husbandry, feeding, digitalization, management, processing and direct farm sales.

For more information about the EuroTier event visit the website, HERE.

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