by Dr Wu Wenbin, Henan University of Technology, China


On November 27, 2018, the China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA) and the International Food Trade Union hosted the World Grain Trade Forum in Beijing, with "the trend of world food trade outlook" as the theme, to discuss the exchange of world food production, trade and facing new problems.

The forum held the goal of deepening trade cooperation and has carried on the deep discussion. Zeng Liying, Deputy Director of the State Food and Commodity Reserve Bureau, Zhao Changbao, Deputy Director of the Department of Policy and Reform of the Ministry of Agriculture and Villages, Gary Martin, President of the International Food Trade Federation, Yu Xubo, President of China's Food Industry Association and COFCO Group, and Ullah Kaske, Counsellor of the World Trade Organisation attended the forum.

In his speech, Cofco Yu in said that this session of the World Grain Trade Forum was for members to communicate international food production and trade situations, as well as grasp the trend of international food trade, strengthen the world's major grain production and marketing and the major food groups and food business contacts and cooperation and promote the healthy and stable development of the world's food trade. Striving to create a face-to-face communication platform for international counterparts was also emphasised.

"Since CNFIA joined the International Food Trade Union in 2006, the association has made full use of both domestic and international markets and resources to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation', says Mr Xubo.

"Against the backdrop of China's further opening-up, we will take an active part in the activities of international food industry organisations, play the role of a bridge and bond between enterprises and governments, and contribute to the sustainable development of international food trade and international exchanges and cooperation.'

In view of the positive role of the forum in China, Gary Martin, President of the World Food Trade Federation (WFTF), believes that this year's World Grain Trade Forum will help enhance exchanges and cooperation among countries and avoid risks in global trade in grain, oil and related products. At the same time, the exchange of experts from various countries provides rich market and industry information for the deepening of food trade cooperation. The alliance is willing to make its own contribution to the development of global food trade.

During the forum, relevant leaders and experts from the World Trade Organisation, China National Grain and Oils Information Centre, International Grain Council (IGC), China Feed Industry Association, Yihai Kerry, COFCO and other units and organisations delivered keynote speeches. In Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, people in the grain industry made special reports on the production and trade situations of soybeans, corn, wheat, sorghum and other varieties.

The head of the China Grain Industry Association said that China has entered a stage of high-quality development. The demands of Chinese consumers are becoming more diversified and of higher standards. This requires us to go to the world, and international standards. China's huge population of more than 1.3 billion has injected lasting impetus into the world food trade.

With the deepening of cooperation, the links between China's food security and world food trade have become closer. China hope to establish an information sharing mechanism with international organisations and associations, with the help of the World Grain Trade Forum, so that Chinese grain enterprises can learn as much as possible about foreign policies and market dynamics

"Next, the association will actively participate in the formulation of relevant international standards, to reflect the wishes of Chinese enterprises and promote the development of the industry' voiced the China Grain Industry Association's representative.

'At the same time, the association should actively play its coordinating role in international affairs, and help enterprises solve problems and improve efficiency through coordination and communication between the association and national associations.'

This year, 39 foreign representatives from 15 countries, 26 international organisations or enterprises, standing directors of the China Grain Industry Association and key grain and oil enterprises in the main production and marketing areas of domestic grain participated in the forum.

During the event, participants closely focused on these varying themes and conducted in-depth exchanges from the macro, medium and micro dimensions, which provided useful references for Chinese grain and oil enterprises to grasp the changing international grain trade pattern and market development trends.

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