USDA Cochran Fellowship Program participants visit The DeLong Co., Inc., a container loading facility in Edgerton, Kansas, to learn about grain exports, shipping, handling and receiving.
Image credit: IGP KSU

The IGP Institute hosts two-week USDA Cochran Fellowship course to round out month of October.

With a goal of helping countries develop customised agricultural production systems, strengthening trade and increasing interest in US agricultural production, the USDA Cochran Fellowship Program provides short-term training programs to industry professionals.

The IGP Institute hosted a group from the USDA Cochran Fellowship Program to focus on learning about feed ingredient requirements, utilisation and storage processing.

From October 22–November 3, 2018, this Cochran Fellowship group visited the Kansas State University IGP Institute to provide 13 participants from Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia training on understanding and learning feed ingredients.

The Cochran Fellowship Program designed a customised course to provide information to grain traders and feed millers in hopes to take what they learn back to their countries and enhance their end user products.

Throughout the week, participants met with a variety of feed and grain industry professionals and explored topics on exports and commodities, feed technology, post-harvest management and pest control.

"We took the participants to the US Grains Council Export Exchange, so they could have the opportunity to meet with the different suppliers of sorghum and corn and their by-products, such as DDGS," Carlos Campabadal, IGP Institute outreach specialist feed manufacturing and grain quality management. "The group also visited different related facilities like farms, grain elevators and other locations around Kansas."

This is one example of the many feed manufacturing and grain quality management customised courses offered by the IGP Institute.

In addition, the IGP Institute provides trainings in the areas of grain marketing and risk management, and grain processing and flour milling.

To learn more about training opportunities at the IGP Institute, visit the website, HERE.
For more information on the Cochran Fellowship Program and more of their events, visit the website, HERE.

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