August 2018


by Dergi Makaleski, Selis, Turkey


The new Toru Flour Mill in Turkey has been operating to a high standard since January 2018.

For this 600 t/day flour mill, the customer chose the Selis company as their solution partner. The resulting project is one of the most prominent flour mills in Europe, thanks to its high standard of construction and modern milling equipment.

Thanks to the Multinator Cleaning machine—which is one of the most important components of the cleaning section—impurities in the grain are separated efficiently, so that the following machines perform more effectively.

The majority of the Fortimus roller mills are 1500mm in length. Thanks to the special applications, the milling gap is equal on every part of the roll. Silvernox type plansifters are another important component, which distribute the product through the system while eliminating condensation with its high efficiency sieving performance.

An Effipur purifier facilitates the utilization of the system due to its high purification and cleaning capacity. Inside the mill building, a special air conditioning system keeps the temperature and humidity constant on all floors, which increases the quality of the end product. Continuous quality control is possible with the broad range of the latest equipment in the mill laboratory.

In response to customer requests, the mill offers 25kg and 50kg packing, as well as Big Bag packing. It is also possible to load three flour tankers at the same time.

During the project stage of the mill, high sanitation and food safety standards were always kept in the foreground. Thanks to the mill"s ventilation and air conditioning systems, it is possible to produce consistent quality end products throughout all four seasons and in all kinds of weather conditions. Project engineering for this ultra-modern mill was performed by Mustafa Bozkurt. The mill"s energy consumption of 56Kwh per ton includes the packaging section.

In this latest project, besides increasing its milling capacity, Toru Flour Mill has also achieved high sanitation standards throughout its production process.

The flour company was able to increase their flour supply to multinational food production companies owing to the new mill"s high quality and standard of production.

The Toru family testified that they are a successful investor in their sector who mainly operate in agriculture-based industries. This new plant achieved successful operation in a very short time, thanks to the meticulous management style of the third-generation operators of the company, the Toru brothers Ata, Öztürk and Özcan.


About Selis - "From 1964 To The Present"

The company has been around since 1964, continuing its activity in the grain processing sector. Known as a technology development company and the second biggest of its kind in the world in its sector.

It manufactures machines and equipment for the flour and semolina industry and undertakes turnkey plants in every capacity as well as modernisation of the existing plants.

Beside manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for flour and semolina plants, our company strengthens its prestigious position more and more by supplying its business partners custom made solutions and excellent after-sale services with its experience and specialization in the global arena.

With its knowledge and experience accumulated for half a century and developing innovative and special solutions for its customers, our company is adding another success with its every domestic and international project.

High quality equipment is manufactured under the assurance of quality system, experienced technical and management staff and the equipment pool which is endowed with the latest technology CNC machines. Thanks to our careful quality control insight, our company offers high quality equipment to its customers.

In the milling industry, from a single machine to turn-key complete plants, the company does its best to keep efficiency and customer satisfaction up by using high quality equipment and manpower in their service.


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