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COFCO Engineering Equipment (Zhangjiakou) Co, Ltd is one of the equipment manufacturing bases of COFCO Engineering & Technology Co, Ltd (COFCO ET) which is specialising in the flour processing machinery. The leading products are roller mill and plansifter.

The overall performance of the roller mill directly determines the quality of the materials it grinds.The newly developed MMR roller mill has many innovations, such as front panel turning, feeding unit rotating and cleaning, integral disassembly and assembly of grinding rollers, automatic variable frequency feeding and streamlined appearance of composite material.

This new solution is bothtime and labour-saving with a novel structurewhich caters to the world's manufacturing philosophy of low carbon, green and environmental protection. Meanwhile, the MMR roller millboasts remarkable performance in energy-saving and consumption-reduction, health and safety, intelligent operation alongside many other aspects.

Besides this, the product has two invention patents(Patent No.201210407923X; No.2012104079225),one appearancepatent (Patent No.201210407923X), one international PCT (Patent No.EP2913111B1) and four utility model patents (Patent No.201420644421.3; No. 201420644444.4; No. 201520762537.1; No.201520762551.1).

The machine has reached the Chinese leading level and some of the technology has reached the international advanced level, successfully occupying the Chinese market and upgrading the manufacturing level of the roller mill.

FSFG plansifter is a kind of screening equipment with high quality researched and developed by our company independently.This new product has one invention patent (No.201510621709.8) and three utility model patents(Patent No.201420655456.7;No.201420655907.7;No.201520752775.4), with the advantages of a long service life, good screening effect and convenient operation, etc.

An innovative double-sealed structure was applied to the bearings to ensure a secure working environment. The structure, using three pressure springs for ancillary shoring, can balance the axial stress of bearing, which greatlyextends theservice life. Of the product

The motor can be disassembled and assembled as a whole, so that the belt tension can be easily adjusted, and the motor easily replaced.A transmissionsteel frame in shell construction is applied to the equipment, in which columns are built from a whole steel plate through cutting and bending and coupled with hinged bolts to significantly lower both welding and fatigue stresses.

The basin-like frame of the screen box is painted at both sides to guard against internal corrosion.The technology of the facing cut was applied to the junction surface between the screen box and transmission steel frame to reduce the internal connection stress and extend the product's service life.

Outer channels inside the screen box are all double-sealed to block flour migration.The screen frame is specially designed to incorporate rabbets, but no support screens, thus rendering longer service life,greater screening area and better screening effect.

As a result of all of these innovations, the FSFG plansifter has won customer recognition with its unique advantages which are wholeheartedly approved by themarket.

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