Build my Feedmill, taking place at VIV Asia on March 13th, has another company confirmed to be speaking - Sukup.

Sukup's chosen speaker for Build my Feedmill is John Bowes, who will be giving a talk for the Drying and Cooling section of the feed mill presentation.


Build my FeedMill is an intriguing, two-hour conference, taking place at VIV Asia 2019. Taking place in the main exhibition hall of VIV Asia, Build my FeedMill features a variety of feed mill companies, delivering 10-minute discussions on machinery for each individual process of the feed mill production process.

A large diagram of the inner workings of a feed mill serves as the backdrop to the conference, as we take VIV attendees through every process of a feed mill, with the assistance of ten different feed mill companies, giving their expertise on their own part of the process.

Milling & Grain and VIV Asia are welcoming companies to join Build my FeedMill 2019, who specialise in any of the following feed mill machinery:

  • Intake and conveying
  • Storage
  • Weighing
  • Grinding
  • Pelleting
  • Expanders
  • Extruders
  • Drying and cooling
  • Automation
  • Feed formulation

Participants will receive extensive coverage of their involvement in Build my FeedMill 2019, by receiving extensive exposure in Milling & Grain magazine, both in-print and online, as well as on our blogs, websites and weekly newsletters, as well as having their information and promotional material being featured on Build my FeedMill promotional material.



For further information please contact:

Miss Rebecca Sherratt

7 St George's Terrace

St James' Square


Gloucestershire GL50 3PT

United Kingdom



Tel: +44 1242 267700

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