November 2018


The innovative conveyor system TUBO LBGA revolutionises material transport in mills. Contrary to conventional mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems, grains, grist, semolina or flour is not pulled anymore but smoothly pushed by the TUBIT push elements.

The result: Gentle material handling, no loss of weight due to dehydration, improved sanitation, maximum safety as well as the possibility of a flexible plant design. In addition, TUBO eliminates the need for additional protective measures against explosion because the closed transport takes place at low speed.

Gentle and energy-saving pushing instead of pulling: The new tubular push conveyor system TUBO LBGA from Bühler uses an innovative new principle. TUBIT push elements push grains, grist, semolina or flour instead of pulling them. The TUBO system replaces in some areas of the mill the pneumatic conveyor and mechanical conveyor systems with elevators. TUBO is suitable for both vertical and horizontal transport of free-flowing product (whole grains) and non-free flowing products (grist, semolina and flour).

Bühler followed a new approach in developing and realising the TUBO idea. Instead of pulling the product - be it grain or flour - it pushes product through a pipe. The secret of the conveyor system lies in the individual conveying components. TUBITS, as they were named, are specially developed push elements. They are made of different plastics with excellent slip characteristics.

By pushing the TUBITS through the pipe, they don"t need to be connected together with a chain, cord or similar. The individual push elements are simply loosely arranged in the conveyor pipe without fixed connection. In the drive station, the TUBITS are driven by bolts attached to chains that run in parallel. From the drive station, the TUBITS take the bulk product and move it within their chambers very gently and carefully to the respective outlets. After emptying, the TUBITS are effortlessly pushed further along by the elements behind them without consuming any energy. As soon as they reach the last curve at the top, they fall effortlessly down and gently into the drive station where they are again sent off on their journey.

The new Bühler transport system minimises grain breakage thanks to optimal friction when moving product. In spite of its slow transport speed, high volumes can be conveyed with TUBO LBGA. In addition, weight loss through dehydration of product is greatly reduced compared to pneumatic conveyor elements.

The conveyor system provides increased sanitation by minimising product residue and almost completely emptying the feed line. The TUBIT push elements additionally prevent product from becoming segregated.

The tubular push conveyor TUBO LBGA makes three-dimensional transport possible because the push elements are not attached. This reduces the number of transfer points. All together, the TUBO system makes flexible plant design with multiple inlets and outlets possible – at lower building heights, compared to other mechanical conveyor systems.

Finally, the TUBO system makes protection against explosions unnecessary because it is a closed system that operates at low speed. With that, TUBO increases protection of product and reduces the investment costs.

The TUBO conveying system is available in two sizes: As TUBO 5 (pipes with 5" diameter) for smaller throughputs and TUBO 6 (pipes with 6" diameter) for larger throughputs. Both versions are available with gravity spouting in steel or stainless steel.


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