Strong Seed. Healthy Grain. PETKUS. 
Petkus Vision
Imagine if you could analyse every individual grain or kernel in real time, individually drying, cleaning, sorting and coating, processing seed grain and feed gently, precisely, and efficiently – grain by grain. Precision Processing follows Precision Farming and PETKUS delivers not only the best ideas but also the best solutions. Their world leading technologies and innovations turn your harvest into strong seed. 

The Foundation 
Petkus has always been an idea factory and the inventor gene has been passed on from generation to generation throughout the company's history. From the first worldwide cleaning machine through to the Multi Coater that simultaneously treats and dries; – Innovation has become the Petkus-DNA. 

Experience and knowledge combined with the courage to challenge old ways and breathe life into new ones is what sets Petkus apart. Together with their customers and suppliers they create specific solutions while using your ideas and input as a catalyst for continuous advancement. 

University partnerships secure a broad and growing knowledge base. Knowledge is harvested from their global networks and channelled through the Petkus Academy to their employees and customers. 

The long-standing tradition of the company and the long-term dedication of the two family entrepreneurs are indicative of the fundamental commitment to and responsibility for the development of the company, its employees and its culture. 

The Strategy 
Petkus is a group of technology, innovation, engineering and service companies that mirrors its core competencies. This group ensures that individual, customer-specific and complete solutions are developed: from investment planning and technological concepts through to delivery, commissioning and training for turnkey plants. 

T-I-E-S stands for their Technology-Innovation-Engineering-Service strategy and defines the values base for their customer relationships. The term "T-I-E-S" equally stands for "Connection" and "Relationship" as well as "Obligation" and "Responsibility". These values are their commitment to customers and are deeply ingrained in the mindset of Petkus employees.

Visit the Petkus website, HERE.

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