At Ildex Vietnam 2018, feed additive specialist Nutriad unveiled a new product from its" world leading palatability range. Delistart® is a piglet feeding concept that links quick feed to starter feed, training the piglets to the new feed in weaning period, resulting in 6-7 percent extra feed intake in piglets.

Ab Greven
Image credit: Nutriad

Delistart® is a combination of flavouring, appetising substances and sweeteners that provides specific taste cues that stimulate dry feed intake in the young piglet pre- and post-weaning.

Delistart®, to be used in conjunction with Krave® - that stimulates sow feed intake during lactation - has been proven in trials to ease transition with significant improvements in feed intake and growth in the initial post weaning period.

"Our new feeding concept allows more cost effective, ingredient flexible while meeting the nutritional requirement of the pigs. It also helps the farmers prepare the piglets against environmental challenges without using antibiotics," said Ab Greven, Business Manager Palatability APAC.

"Nutriad has completed various trials in Asia and the rest of the world, to test the feed intake and additional weight gain of the piglets that are fed with our Delistart®. Trial data from tropical areas like Vietnam show one piglet/sow/year increased in total weight gain, which is significant for producers." Mr Greven added.

For more information visit the Nutriad website, HERE.


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