NOVAPRIME is Bühler"s specially developed sieve fabric that is even better matched to the specifications and performance of the various plansifter types. The new Sieve Tensioning Service STS relieves staff of the time-consuming cleaning and tensioning of the sieve frames.

Plansifters are an important component of a modern flour mill. With their multiple sieves, they efficiently handle sifting and classifying of semolina and flours. During sifting, the large particles are separated from the finer ones and then sent through an additional grinding pass. The quality of the tensioning and the cleanliness of the sieve have an important influence on the quality of the flours and semolina.


Bühler exclusive

With "NOVAPRIME", Bühler is now offering a sieve fabric that is even better matched to the specifications and performance of the various plansifter types. Made of polyamide synthetic twine exclusively for Bühler, the new sieve fabric complies with international mesh standards for medicine and food. This also guarantees that the size and mesh uniformity is as precise as possible.

It is available in a variety of combinations of mesh width and thread weft as well as in a pre-cut format or on a roll. All new Bühler plansifters are equipped with the sieve fabric, and existing sieve frames can easily be stretched with the mesh.


Skill and dedication

The practice of cleaning and carefully tensioning the frame inserts is very work-intense, time-consuming, arduous and demanding. It takes not only a lot of skill and accuracy, but also a lot of dedication. Reasons enough to turn the tensioning work over to professionals.

Bühler"s new STS is a professional tensioning service that meets the highest expectations for sanitation and accuracy. The Bühler Service Stations are all set up with the necessary equipment for the STS tensioning service. And the global network of Service Stations is steadily growing.


Washing machines and climate chambers

The new Sieve Tensioning Service from Bühler meets the highest standards of sanitation and accuracy. The sieve frames are cleaned in a special "washing machine" that washes them and treats them thermally so that no bits of adhesive are left on the frame edges and 99.99 percent of all bacteria is killed.

This professional new tensioning is performed by Bühler specialists meticulously by hand. NOVAPRIME is first conditioned in a climatic chamber according to the conditions in a plansifter before being tensioned. Then, following the customer"s detailed specifications, the mesh is tensioned and glued using the special Tensioning Table "NOVATENS".


Inspections and certificates

The newly tensioned sieve frames are very carefully inspected after they have rested for at least three hours. Most important is measuring the tension. The results are prepared for each sieve in a so-called "TensioReport".

The strict inspection guarantees the quality and reliability of each newly tensioned sieve which is delivered back to the customer by the Service Station. Professional sieve tensioning increases food safety, extends the service life of the sieve and improves the separation, which improves final yield.


NOVABLUE – Teeth instead of bristles

Secondly to the NOVAPRIME, the new sieve cleaner NOVABLUE from Bühler is an innovative product developed for the plansifter. With a no-bristle comb shape and detectability in the end product, the new sieve cleaner meets high customer expectations and increasing requirements for food safety.

Plansifters are an important component of a modern flour mill. Their multiple sieves efficiently handle sifting and sorting semolina and flours. Since the sieve fabrics constantly need cleaning, sieve cleaners are used. Classic sieve cleaners have plastic and/or natural bristles to clean mesh of mesh widths up to 250 µm.


Comb teeth instead of bristles

Bristles can fall out of the holding device which presents a potential risk for contaminants in the flours or grits. In addition, high mechanical stress and age-related brittleness can cause the holder to split.

NOVABLUE does not have bristles anymore, making it a perfect solution for millers. The innovative and patented comb shape of the new sieve cleaner is unique on the market and makes it possible to efficiently clean sieve mesh of mesh widths from 85 to 250 µm without bristles.


Detectable for metal detectors

It is made of a high quality, blue elastomer plastic mixed with homogeneous ferrite particles. Blue is the only color that does not occur in natural food stuff which makes any broken parts immediately visible. The ferrite supplement, which is completely food safe, ensures that the broken-off pieces are easily detectable with metal sensors.

The new sieve cleaner is also resistant to temperatures, fats and enzymes. These properties making it the first sieve cleaner worldwide that meets such high sanitation requirements.

It has also been certified for conformity with EC Regulation No.1935/2004 and EC Plastics Regulation No. 10/2011.


For mesh widths of 85 to 250 µm

NOVABLUE is suitable for cleaning sieve fabrics with mesh widths of 85 to 250 µm commonly used in plansifters for sifting hard and soft wheat flour and semolina as well as durum wheat products.

Existing plansifters can be easily retrofitted with NOVABLUE.


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