Officially announcing the Journal of Cereal Science-ICC affiliation at the ICC Vienna Conference (left to right) ICC Secretary General/CEO Michaela Pichler, Charles Brennan, John Taylor, and JCS editors Cristina Rosell and Peter Shewry.
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ICC/Marko Kovic

In April 2019, the Journal of Cereal Science entered into a non-exclusive affiliation agreement with the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology whereby JCS is now an official journal of ICC. The main aims of the agreement are to foster collaboration between the Journal and ICC in cereal science and to promote publication in the Journal by ICC members.

The agreement was officially announced in April at the 19th ICC Conference 'Science Meets Technology' held in Vienna, Austria.

On signing of the agreement, JCS Editor-in-Chief John Taylor stated, 'it is fitting that JCS, the premier journal in the discipline of cereal science has now formalised its association with ICC the pre-eminent international association in cereal science and technology. The agreement will contribute significantly to the development of cereal science internationally and will promote the interests of cereal scientists worldwide'.

ICC President Charles Brennan said, 'I look forward to a long relationship with the Journal of Cereal Science. JCS is a journal I have long regarded as the main journal in cereal science and my PhD supervisors were the founding editors of the Journal, so it has a special place in my professional and social life'.

Read the Journal of Cereal Science, HERE.

Visit the ICC website, HERE.

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