Viteral is the brand of IMAS that carries its experience of 28 years into feed machines sector by providing the production and installation of machines and complete facilities used for bovine, ovine and poultry feed production

The experiences acquired and successes gained via Milleral in the milling sector enabled the creation of Viteral and ensured its service with a similar engineering approach in the feed sector. 

Viteral, with its innovative engineering approach and the importance it gives to research and development works, is able to offer products and facilities that can fully meet the needs of the sector and it continues its works with the aim of 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

Operating worldwide from Middle East to Asia, South America to Australia, IMAS is approaching the feed sector with Viteral with the same attention and care and reaps the benefits of its efforts by providing products with high technologies that are suitable to the needs of the sector. 

One of the strong features of Viteral, which differentiates it from its competitors, is manufacturing high technology products and always maintaining this with R&D studies.

IMAS exports to more than 75 countries by manufacturing developable technological systems with CE, TSEK and ISO 9001:2000 quality certificates.

In order to provide improved service to their customers, they have the pro support team for continuous and rapid technical service. 

Pro support provides continuous and rapid technical service, consultancy and spare parts to the whole feed milling sector, not only to Viteral plant / product users.

Visit the Viteral website, HERE.


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