President of Nabim (National Association of British and Irish Millers) and CEO of Marriage's Miller's, Mr George Marriage, has confirmed he will be speaking at the GRAPAS Conference, taking place at Victam International, in Cologne, Germany.


Mr Marriage will be discussing the flour and food industry's latest technological developments, as well as how the industry has evolved through the past years.

The GRAPAS Conference, taking place on June 13th in Cologne, will also play host to the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, the prestigious annual awards for the best innovations in flour, rice and pasta technology. The conference, attended by CEOs, mill managers and directors, will showcase the best in food technology. The winner of the award recieves the coveted GRAPAS trophy.

Dinnissen have already applied for the awards, with their prestigious Pegasus Wing-Door Mixer, whilst influential and innovative techology companies such as Bühler, Brabender, Siwertell and CPM have also announced their intentions to also apply.

Dinnissen's entry into the GRAPAS Awards: The Pegasus Wing-Door Mixer


You can visit the GRAPAS page by clicking HERE.


For further information, please contact:

Miss Rebecca Sherratt

7 St George's Terrace

St James' Square


Gloucestershire GL50 3PT

United Kingdom



Tel: +44 1242 267700

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