Famsun have recently celebrated the completion of the largest comprehensive feed mill in Latin America, utilising Famsun's latest technological innovations.

The project, based in Ecuador for family-run food company BioAlimentar, completed construction on December 18, 2018, and cost an astounding US $10 million to complete. It took one full year to complete building the facility but was well worth the wait. The project opening celebration was recently held on March 12th.

The facility will create a variety of different extruded products for both the agriculture and aquaculture industries, with product lines for shrimp feed, pet food, poultry feed and aqua feed. The facility also boasts a capacity of up to 60 tonnes-per-hour, by utilising Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) delivery tools.

A Famsun spokesperson stated, 'The successful operation of this project marks that the technology level of feed production in Latin America has connected to the international development, and the success of Famsun's localisation strategy.Famsun will continue to provide practical and feasible solutions to promote the improvement of feed processing technology in Latin America.'



Famsun are one of the leading innovators in the feed industry and their machinery has only continued to cement their crucial position in the agro-business sector. They deliver solutions not just for feed, but also for drying, silos, conveying, oilseeds, structures, packaging and automation, so every step of your food production can be covered and assisted via Famsun machinery.

With the range of feed machines they produce, it is no surprise that BioAlimentar chose them for their facilities' solutions. Famsun have been refining their products for over 50 years, and produce many machines for cleaning, crumbling, pelleting, mixing, batching, packaging, liquid coating/adding, extrusion, conveying, dust control, cooling and drying and they also offer spare parts for machinery.

Their experience with facility contracts also proves their capabilities, Famsun having been contracted to build many facilities in the past. In 2017 they successfully built a feed plant in the Phillippines for the CJ Group Project, involving silos and steel structure warehouses. Other similar projects include Cargill's facility in Jiaxing,, CP Feed in Yushu and An Hui Chuzhou Zheng Hong Feed Co Ltd in Zhenghong, China. They have completed over 6,000 projects in over 130 countries.



BioAlimentar are a food company that specialise in a variety of products for the agriculture, animal and human markets. Based in Ecuador, their new facility, full of Famsun machinery, will be able to effectively crate professional products for all types of food for their Latin America market. The company has five decades of experience in the food industry, and as they now own the largest feed mill in Latin America, it is clear that their company is only continuing to soar to new heights.

Their vision is that by 2020 BioAlimentar will be able to assert themselves as the most efficient and profitable agriculture organisation and food company and can begin to further expand into the international market.

They also have facilities and/or offices in Pachanlica and Samanga Bajo. Their livestock feeds are marketed at a wide variety of animals, varying from swine, quail, dairy, cattle, broiler chickens, egg-laying poultry, rabbits and tilapia, with varieties of feed for sale such as BiOmentos Poultry, BiOmentos Swine, BiOmentos Fish and Nutritec, the latter of which is a premier specialist feed for the livestock industry which gathers all the essential, as well as desirable, nutrients and ensures your livestock are supplied sufficient quantities of each and every one.

Famsun are very proud of this new venture into Latin America and hope to continue building up their relationship with Latin America and their customers. The future for Famsun looks especially bright, as they only continue to reach out and build relationships with more international customers.

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