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On 31 October 2018 Evonik Industries completed the acquisition of Porphyrio NV, the KU Leuven spin-off company head-quartered in Herent (Belgium). Porphyrio is a leading player in the space of Big Data solutions for livestock production. With this acquisition, Evonik strengthens its activities in Precision Livestock Farming.

Porphyrio provides cloud based specialty software to professional poultry producers worldwide for processing and analysing livestock data. Their data-driven solutions enable livestock producers to better manage, predict, and optimise their operations with the aid of Big Data Biostatistics & potential use of "Artificial Intelligence".

"Big data and self-learning algorithms could help producers to gain a better understanding of the complex events in the poultry farm and these can be linked with concepts for sustainable animal nutrition. In this way, productivity, efficiency, quality, and animal welfare will all benefit from synergies in animal nutrition and livestock farming," says Dr Emmanuel Auer, head of Evonik's Animal Nutrition Business Line.

Evonik will contribute to this at various levels, by providing diagnostic kits to record parameters for the animals' state of health, software, data analysis and guidance for the animal farming, and also offer data and knowledge-based recommendations for feed composition and sustainable diets.

For more information visit the Evonik website, HERE.


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