Mole•Master Services Corporation has set the gold standard for silo cleaning for over three decades. The driving force behind these products has been to create tools so that silos can be cleaned effectively and efficiently but without the dangerous addition of human entry.

While the initial equipment engineered, including the proprietary Big•Mole System, set the quality standard for the silo cleaning industry, the company continues to bring innovation to the field with product enhancements. Whether the decision is to buy your own equipment, rent the equipment, or hire Mole•Master to complete the silo cleaning for you, rest assured that using Mole•Master equipment is the safest and best way to start.

There are three categories of equipment that Mole•Master manufactures. The first is a whip machine product, engineered in two different iterations. The second is a portable rock drill type product, and the final category is similar to Cardox blasting. Further details about these three categories of products appear below.

The Junior 360º Whip Machine

Mole•Master manufactures two different models of the Junior 360º Whip Machine, but the basic characteristics of the equipment remain the same. The fully adjustable boom and crane-bearing mount allows the unit to provide 100 percent (360º) coverage of the vessel"s interior walls from the initial set-up position. The modular design of the unit allows it to be placed in virtually any vessel, regardless of what that vessel"s size or shape may be.

The two different models of the Junior 360º are the JR360H Hydraulic Unit and the JR360P Pneumatic unit.

The JR360H features a hydraulically-actuated cutting head that is significantly smaller than any head on the market. The small size of the head (5" in diameter) enables the Junior to fit into extremely small flow channels or ratholes without losing any power or cleaning capacity. A smaller diameter cutting head lessens time to enlarge the flow channel.

The JR360P is ideal for jobs where a water source is not readily available or where the material inside the silo would be compromised by the addition of water.

The JR360P features a pneumatically-actuated cutting head. Hydraulic assistance is available for ease of use. The JR360P is ideal for applications where contamination of the material might be an issue.

Both the JR360H and JR360P feature a lightweight aluminum construction, positive mounting to the vessel opening for safe operation, a hose reel that is independent from the boom assembly, and interchangeable blades, flails, or chain cutters engineered to safely remove a wide variety of materials.

Regardless of which model you choose, the Junior 360º will help eliminate any blockages in your grain silo or grain bin in the most safe, effective, and efficient manner possible.

The Arch•Master Portable Auger System

The Arch•Master Portable Auger System can work independently or it can work in combination with the Junior 360º. It was designed to create flow channels (up to 150 feet or 48 meters deep) in arched or bridged material. It is alsi perfect for low- to mid-level degree of difficulty jobs, and it is safe and easy to use if you choose to purchase or rent the equipment.

It features a high-torque, variable speed power head for rapidly drilling hard, compacted material. The overall height of 7"7" (2.3m) will accommodate low head-room clearance. The standard drilling depth of 150" (46m) is made possible by heavy-duty 3" (7.6cm) augers, specialty bits, and a special duty hydraulic motor ideal for variable speed drilling.

The Arch•Master is fast and powerful, but like the Junior 360º, its construction is lightweight aluminum, so it is easy to set up and easily portable. Using it will keep workers safe and silos cleared of blockages.

Safe-T-Shot CO2 Blasting System

The Safe-T-Shot is the newest of Mole•Master"s silo cleaning systems, but Mole•Master has used CO2 blasting equipment for decades. That knowledge and expertise is behind the Safe-T-Shot product.

Safe-T-Shot is particularly suited for the toughest of build-ups. The CO2 blasting system will not damage the silo walls, nor will it contaminate the material. The most important benefit of Safe-T-Shot is that it can loosen a very specific compaction of material. Single electrically ignited cartridge can save hours of manpower by loosening up a blockage immediately.

Like the Junior 360º and the Arch•Master, Safe-T-Shot can be purchased or Mole•Master can be contacted to complete the work. Mole•Master will also test your existing blasting system, and can recertify your current equipment.

Whether the decision is to utilise the silo cleaning services or whether purchasing/renting the equipment is the best option, they have proven that the Junior 360º, the Arch•Master, and Safe-T-Shot truly work.

If you wish to utilise the gold standard of silo cleaning equipment, Mole•Master Services Corporation is the answer.


by Mole•Master, Ohio, United States



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