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The Mühlenchemie Navigator is the miller's periodic table: tried and tested, and unbeaten for estimating the effects of enzymes and flour improvers on the functional properties of flours. Two posters, the "MC Navigator: Rheology" and the "MC Navigator: Baking", offer millers an up-to-date overview of possibilities for using the most important flour improvers. With its "Digital Navigator", Mühlenchemie is now greatly increasing the practical value of its user guide.

The responsive web application offers users mobile access to a continuously revised data pool.

One of the strategic objectives of the flour experts from Ahrensburg is to be as close as possible to the customer and thoroughly aware of the special regional requirements of flour optimisation.

Through a global network of rheological laboratories and trial bakeries, production facilities and local applications consultants the experts in Ahrensburg collected empirical data for flour standardisation which they summarised in compact form in their practical guide, the "Navigator"; this they have made available free of charge since 2008. The matrix provides an overview of the influence of flour additives on the functional properties of flours.

The digital version now makes it very simple for millers to find the right flour improvers to meet the physical and baking requirements of their doughs. Via drop-down menus, the desired product parameters are selected and translated by logical operations into solutions using enzymes or additives.

Since the flour industry has undergone dynamic changes in recent years and product cycles have become much shorter, it is now more important than ever to keep abreast of developments in the use of flour improvers. With the digital variant of the Navigator, Mühlenchemie is ensuring that its free self-service offer is kept up to date.

Flour improvers such as enzyme systems, emulsifiers, brighteners or vital wheat gluten meet the current requirements of the international milling industry.

With this in mind, the Digital Navigator will in future be offered in further languages.

The Digital Navigator is already available on the Mühlenchemie website, HERE.

The two updated posters – "Baking" and "Rheology" – are still available, too, and can be ordered free of charge by emailing

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