Delux knows a grain dryer is a long-term investment


Founded in 1962, Delux Manufacturing Co specialise in the production of grain dryers and were the first company to market a vacuum-cooled grain dryer to the general market. This innovation has proven to be especially popular over the years and is now one of the most commercially successful grain dryers in the industry.

Delux ensure that their dryers last for as long as possible and remain a great quality product- their website boasts proudly that many of their dryers will last for decades, and many created in the 60s are still running strong- an admirable and impressive feat!

All Delux products are made professionally and with utmost care. They use a 'lock-lip' on their screens, as well as all bolt and nut assembly, to ensure superior strength and longevity. Their dryers all also use aluminium screens on the outside to eliminate corrosion.

Their flip-up door mechanism also ensures that all products are easy to inspect. Drag conveyors are also available for each of their dryers over 1,500 bushels per hour (bph). Another way in which Delux ensure ease of use, is by installing what they term a 'tattle-tale' system in each of their dryers. This system warns users the definitive reason why each product has stopped working for whatever reason, helping users ensure an easy solution and fix.

Also offered by Delux manufacturing is their MoistureLink and MoistureLink Plus controllers- their latest innovations in moisture capacitance sensing, in order control the level of moisture in grain. This can be controlled via the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Recently, Delux Manufacturing have announced the successful release of the new CTX Tower Grain Dryer for the commercial grain market. Released in November 2018, this new model has been thoroughly tested and is already proving to be very popular.

This new model proves to be an especially strong model compared to Delux's previous ranges, which have 5,000 bph drying capacity.

'We needed to be able to accommodate the growing capacity needed for producers and grain elevators,' says Steve Schultz, Sales Manager for Delux Manufacturing. 'This newly developed CTX Model Series is merely an expansion of our already extensive dryer product line.'

This new model boasts a variety of features that ensure its success in the industry.

'Everything is bigger and designed for the larger volumes of product during the peak harvest time,' says Jesse Weaver, Engineer for Delux Manufacturing. Those bigger features include larger fans, burners and transfer equipment to handle the volume of product needed.

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