Quelea Flock
Image credit: Alastair Rae on Flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

by Mehmet Ugur Gürkaynak, Turkish Representative, Milling and Grain

The Kenyan Government is using airplanes to spray pesticides to combat quelea birds that have destroyed thousands of acres of wheat in Narok, Kenya.

Millions of Kuela birds migrate from Lake Natron in Tanzania every year in June, invading the fields in the Narok district, causing farmers to suffer damage at the time of harvest. Kenya's Ministry of Agriculture and Narok County have begun using light aircraft to neutralise birds.

According to the information received approximately 3.5 million birds land on agricultural land. It is estimated that each bird consumes about 10 grams per day and the total population of birds in this region is about 15 million.

Approximately 57,000 hectares of wheat are under threat. It was reported that the agricultural protection services team came to Narok and the necessary measures were taken.

Narok farmers aim to obtain 1.8 million sacks of wheat this season. This rate is this two million sacks lower than last year.

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