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According to the Food and Lambton manufactures grain elevators, grain bins, unload Agriculture Organisation (FAO), "by 2050, the world population would grow by over a third and reach 9.1 billion. This would require raising overall food production by 70 percent, implying significant increases in the production of several key commodities like cereal production that would have to grow by almost one billion tonnes and meat production by over 200 million tonnes to a total of 470 million tonnes."

With this increasing demand, food security is important now more than ever.

As the global food production increases, the storage requirements will increase with it. At Lambton, we aim to provide our clients with all solutions required for their growing needs, allowing them to store without worry. We give design consultations and custom services to many markets: feed, seed, food, fertiliser, grain (farm and commercial), processing, and industrial.


The key to a successful grain system is proper planning

At Lambton, we know grain storage and handling is a long- term investment that can maximise your returns with a strategic approach. Our team provides you with the most cost-effective and productive equipment from our factory to your facilities.

Lambton"s more than 50 years of experience makes it the trusted source for quality and service support. Our equipment can provide your grain facility with durability and reliability, augers, en-masse conveyors, divided pan conveyors, round and level bottom conveyors, tube conveyors, hopper bins, bulk feed tanks, flow accessories, valves, distributors, feed milling equipment, loop systems, grain cleaners, catwalks, structural and support systems, custom design and fabrication services.

They also provide storage capacities up to 20,000 MT and handling capacities up to 1,500 MTPH.


One source, one solution

Lambton Conveyor Limited is one of the very few companies to offer complete solutions for your grain system. Lambton brings together all the components from pre-cleaning to storage, along with the engineering and service support.

Lambton"s pre-cleaning equipment includes single drum pre- cleaners, double drum pre-cleaner and the ultra-clean.

Grain pre-cleaning is very important as it removes contaminants, prior to processing, that could otherwise damage your equipment. Our single deck and double deck drum pre-cleaner help remove coarse impurities with low power consumption. They bring high capacities with smooth operation, along with robust and reliable design. These cleaners can be widely used for precleaning grains in feed, oil, flour, rice milling, grain storage/warehouse, food and many other industries.

Lambton also manufacture the UltraClean, a gravity screen cleaner, designed to remove fines from a wide range of commodities. The unwanted materials are sifted through the screens by reversing the direction of grains as it falls through. It is a bolted assembly constructed using galvanised steel that ensures a long service life and easy maintenance.


Grain storage

The final quality of grain highly depends on using appropriate post-harvest storage solutions. Lambton manufacture stiffened and unstiffened grain bins available for farm and commercial storage utilisation. Lambton"s use of G115 galvanised steel for all grain bins, with 28 percent more zinc protection than industry standard, provides significantly more resistance to weathering and corrosion.

Our bins are available with extra caulking, an eave sealing kit and full, as well as partial, aeration floors to suit any application. Lambton also provides high volumes of aeration, depending on your needs for proper commodity storage, along with various temperature monitoring and control systems for your grain protection.

Large 18-inch roof exhaust fans with optional automatic shut- off are provided to reduce condensation inside bins. Extruded roof vent openings can be pre-punched into roof sheets, as requested, to ensure weather sealing and quick assembly. We have design technologies that optimise bin construction with accurate calculations for various seismic zones, wind stresses, roof-mounted equipment loads, and snow, including evenly distributed and unbalanced snow loads.


Grain handling

For more than 50 years, Lambton has been setting global standards for custom-engineered, quality-built grain handling equipment like bucket elevators and chain conveyors, among many other pieces of equipment.

Lambton offers a wide range of chain conveyors (levelled and inclined) with level conveyors in capacities up to 760 MTPH
and inclined conveyors in capacities up to 380 MTPH. The head and boot section of Lambton chain conveyors come complete with long lasting roller-bearings, with optional auto grease. Auto grease ensures your drag always operates with the proper amount of lubrication.

Lambton bucket elevators are one of the most efficient, reliable and economical in the market today, with capacities available
up to 1,200 MTPH. Some of the features include: galvanised modular bolt together design, standard double row spherical roller bearings on head sections and an internal contoured head cap liner, for efficient handling of various commodities. Most models come with a fully assembled trunk from the factory, for quick assembly on-site.

In order to protect your handling equipment from damage, and avoid downtimes in operation, Lambton provide optional monitoring features like alignment sensors, temperature monitoring, level/plug indicators, blockage detectors, etc.


Product innovations

Lambton Conveyor Limited is constantly innovating products, according to the changing needs of the customers. Lambton has a product line that is diverse and provides equipment efficiency to customer satisfaction. While planning for a new grain equipment or expanding or upgrading your existing equipment, it is of utmost importance to consider multiple commodities to be stored and conveyed along with the flexibility for all future expansions or additions.

One of Lambton"s many product updates is the new ultra lock distributor, currently manufactured in Lambton"s China facility. It is the ultimate sealed distributor solution that ensures your product will flow without losses or leaks, no matter whether your product is corn, wheat, cornmeal or any flour. The vertical actuation ensures that the spout is located accurately in the outlet.

Ultra lock distributor and seal system for the spout. This spout has a conical tip that will raise and lower, creating a seal with the selected outlet spout. This is achieved using single drive motor to ensure serviceability and operating costs were not increased by adding additional drives.

Lambton also recently introduced the grain loop self-cleaning corner. The company came up with this product with one of their dealers, after receiving various requests from customers. This corner will help to immensely reduce cross-contamination among various commodities.

The company"s other product update is a chain conveyorself- cleaning fixed idler boot assembly. Lambton introduced this update because some customers required reduced boot length, while others required better cleanout, so this fulfills both requirements. Some of its features include a contoured end and reduced length, compared to the standard boot. The shorter length allows it to be used in tighter spaces, reducing the length of the receiving pit and providing more flexibility in retro-fit applications.

The contoured end helps to improve clean-out in the boot section, by reducing material left behind, thereby decreasing the chances of cross contamination between commodities.

Lambton"s continuing focus on customer service and innovation has solidified it with a global dealer network completing projects in more than 40 countries. Lambton"s services do not end at installation, as they aim to provide the best services throughout the life of equipment.

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