By Setrem, France

Since 1986, Setrem has been designing and marketing single-screw extruders and their peripheral equipment all over the world. Originally specialised in the dry process (manufacturing of extruded soybeans, cattle feed), the company has considerably enriched its skills to meet all production requirements.

Thanks to the small size of the company, Setrem is able to offer a customised solution for every industry.

Furthermore, the flexibility of its extruders allows Setrem to followed and anticipated changes in the market by offering tailored equipment:

  • Flexibility and robustness of use,
  • Low cost of operation,
  • Quality of extruded products.

Its extruders are as well adapted to the dry process as to the semi-wet process and make it possible to manufacture the most elaborate products:

  • Petfood (dog and cat food),
  • Foods for aquatic species (floating or sinking),
  • Livestock feed (high production dairy cows, other cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry (layers, meat), horses)

But also used in :

  • The processing of raw materials: soybean, linseed, wheat and other cereals.
  • The preparation for the mechanical extraction of oil on oleaginous plants.

The manufacturer offers complete lines, with capacities from 40 kg/h to capacities of 10 tons/h.

In various factories, Setrem have installed pilot lines that permits companies and clients to carry out further research and development on extrusion.

The pilot line is Setrem"s research and development tool.

It is available for use by agrifood manufacturing companies for validation of new product feasibility for:

  • Conducting trials for research & development projects,
  • Enabling them to guarantee continuity for their production by carrying out trials on a line suited to limited volume production,
  • Conducting tests to validate processes for extrusion projects based on their formulas.
  • Trying some new extruder parts
  • Carrying out trials on peripheral machinery
  • Verifing the nutritional value provided by the extruder

The pilot line in Setrem facilities is installed in a laboratory room that can be fully cleaned at high pressure between each use, to avoid any contaminations. It is a full line composed of:

  • A live bottom bin that allow every mix to go down to the feeder. Thanks to the moving arm even sticky mixtures do not solidify.
  • A volumetric feeder that enables one to get a constant and control flow in the preconditioner
  • A preconditioner that works as a pre-cooker with possibility of adding fluids and steam as well as fresh meat or other slurry. Its retention time is approximately three minutes, which allows to bring an homogeneous and precooked (80-90°C) mixture to the extruder.
  • A single screw extruder equipped with an adaptable shaft in length of three to seven barrels to obtain an L / D ratio between eight and 13. Each barrel is jacketed and equipped with a water inlet for their cooling, a steam inlet for their heating and a selector for choosing the mode (cooling or heating).
  • At the end of the barrel is is a die whose number and size of holes can be modified. The frame of the extruder has been designed so that it has the least possible point of retention. It is made of stainless steel, includes an in-line drive and a flexible coupling. The power of the extruder is 11 kW, and equipped with a screw speed variator. A cutter at the exit of the extruder allows the production of kibbles at the die exit.
  • A pneumatic transport to bring the kibbles from the extruder to the dryer
  • A counter flow dryer, the air is heated by a gas burner. The hot air is forced through the product layer. The amount of evaporation can be controlled by variations of the drying air volume and temperature.

The extrusion line is controlled by a color touchscreen which allow to start and stop the elements, adjust the dosing, the extrusion screw and the cutting speed but also read the extrusion and preconditioner temperature as wells as die pressure. To pilot the extruder different systems help you: an alarms page, sound and visual signaling, SME calculating, raw material output and the moisture content at each step of the process. It is possible to save all the data in an excel file.

One of our extrusion specialists will conduct the line and help the agrifood manufacturing companies having the result they are looking for. This pilot line is very modular and can be adapted to a large panel of products, from swine feed to full fat soya meal. Additional peripheral equipment can be added if needed like a mechanical oil press after the extruder or a pump to add fresh ingredients in the preconditioner.

So, approach Setrem with your ideas and our team of specialists will help you find a way to make it work!

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