This year's GEAPS Exchange was held in the 'Big Easy', New Orleans Louisiana, at the voluminous Ernest N Morial Convention Centre. The show ran from March 9-12th, 2019.

GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Supply) is an international professional association that supports its members and the industry by serving as The Knowledge Resource for the world of grain handling and processing industry operations.

GEAPS addresses the industry's critical grain handling, storage and processing operations needs by providing the finest networking, professional development programs, and access to a global marketplace of equipment, services and technology solutions providers. GEAPS' global network of industry professionals includes more than 2,500 individual members from about 1,050 companies.

GEAPS Exchange 2019 drew 2,836 attendees from 19 countries to New Orleans to see and learn about the latest products and innovations in the grain handling and processing operations industry. The technical conference and exposition included a tradeshow with 407 exhibitors in 290,000 square feet of exhibit space, and over 30 hours of education in a variety of formats.

This year, in true New Orleans style, show attendees were played into the hall by a jazz band. The show was huge by any measure with almost too much to see, but here are some special highlights:

Grain entrapment

A highlight of the show was a live grain entrapment and rescue demonstration. These demonstrations were scheduled to occur several times a day and were always well attended.

OSHA/Oklahoma State University Fire Service brought along their custom grain engulfment and confined space rescue simulator. With CCTV cameras watching, a team of rescuers demonstrated the techniques and specialised equipment used to free a volunteer trapped up to the waist in grain (fortunately, they used a dummy).

But, even working in ideal conditions, the rescue team members needed to be regularly relieved after working a ten-minute shift, which is a dramatic demonstration of just how strenuous it is working up to the knees in grain. The live demos were a big hit at the show.

Next year's GEAPS Exchange will be held in the great city of Minneapolis, March 21-24th 2020. Book your booth space early!

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