Things are changing rapidly in meat production and the animal feed industry.

Consumers have an increasing influence on animal welfare and the feed that the animals are consuming. Several feed additives that were used to control undesired pathogens have already been banned in order to avoid negative effects and to produce a natural and healthy piece of meat.

Feed producers are challenged to deliver a healthy feed that is free from undesired pathogens.

The natural way to sterilise a product is by means of heat treatment. When making pelletised feed the heat treatment step takes place during the pelleting process. Mash feed, however, is usually produced in a cold process, so the absence of undesired pathogens in conventionally produced mash feed cannot be guaranteed.

Thermidor®, the Dinnissen system for sanitation of mash feed, is the answer to those challenges.

The first step in the process takes place in a special Pegasus® mixer. By means of direct steam injection the mash feed is heated in a very efficient way. The mixing action breaks up concentrations of microbes and tests have validated moist heat to be most effective at killing pathogens. In this way a uniform treatment of the entire batch is achieved.

After the heat treatment, the product is dried and cooled in the second Pegasus® mixer. The fluidised bed that is generated inside the Pegasus® mixer enables a quick and efficient drying/cooling process. Here it is also possible to add heat sensitive ingredients and liquids.

Besides the sanitation effect, this process agglomerates the fine particles with the bigger particles, which results in a dust-free and easy to handle mash feed.

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