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Last year, African Swine Fever (ASF) spread rapidly throughout China and any feed factories were impacted. Looking at the alarming data, everyone realised that the ASF virus would have a significant impact on feed companies, as well as farmers.

As a source of all nutrients for animal growth, feed is inextricably linked to African Swine Fever. To this end, internationally renowned feed expert Dr Scot's research shows that after the virus enters feed ingredients, it can still survive for a long period. Among those raw materials, the survival time of African Swine Fever virus in soybean meal can exceed 30 days.

The removal of African Swine Fever virus carried in feed through feed processing technology has become an important issue for the industry. The industry has provided many solutions for this, among which Zhengchang expanding process can kill germs at the source and this treatment is also the most effective in use by its customers.

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