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World Pasta Day should be a day of enjoyment, but pasta producers are currently confronted with rising durum prices. The reason for this is the scarcity of Canadian durum wheat after harvest problems overseas. A situation that is further exacerbated by declining crop output in Europe. With its enzyme range Pastazym, the Hamburg-based flour improver Mühlenchemie now offers the pasta industry a way of substituting the much cheaper soft wheat with the same "al dente" quality as durum wheat, without any limits to processability.

Due to the rainfalls of the last weeks, the Canadian farmers are currently having difficulties harvesting their durum fields. Less than 50 percent of Canada's high-quality durum has been harvested so far, whereas normally the harvest is already completed within this period. The unharvested grain is more and more sprouted, which is why they become unusable for further processing.

The shortage of durum wheat is having a severe impact on global pasta production, which is traditionally dependent on durum imports from Canada. The European Commission forecasts a 13 percent decline in Canadian durum production compared to the previous year. A shortage of Canadian durum wheat, which accounts for around 60 percent of global durum wheat exports, is therefore becoming apparent. Also, the modest harvest situation in France is currently affecting the price. While the market price of French durum three months ago, was 230 USD/MT, it has since risen to 270 USD/MT.

Pasta producers in particular are likely to have to struggle with rising raw material prices, as the well demanded du-rum wheat has unique dough-physical properties that are required in pasta production. Mühlenchemie is responding to this shortage of raw materials with a technical solution: The Pastazym range of the Hamburg-based food technologist allows pasta producers to use more available wheat varieties and thus significantly reduce raw material costs while maintaining pasta quality.

Pastazym is particularly suitable for pasta made from soft wheat and for mixtures of different wheat qualities and gives them the authentic "al dente" properties of durum wheat. The active ingredient basis of the Pastazym range are functional enzyme systems, which depending on the flour basis and desired functions, cover a wide range of applications.

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