Compound feed machinery experts Dinnissen have just announced their application into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards 2020, with their latest Hamex Fully Automatic Hammer Mill.


Much progress has been made on many fronts with Dinnissen's new Hamex® Fully Automatic Hammer Mill. The method used to produce this machine has been automated and modernised even more compared to previous models. In addition, various ergonomic aspects of the machine have been amended, improving user friendliness and the speed of screen changes and updates. The screen can now be removed from the machine, meaning that worn parts are quickly accessible and can be easily removed and replaced.

In addition, the Hamex® Hammer Mill has large inspection hatches that offer fast and easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant components. These many advantages together make an essential contribution to further reducing the eventual product cost price.

The Hamex® Hammer Mill is also fitted with a stone trap and a magnet that separates hard objects and magnetic particles from the final product being processed. This helps to prevent product contamination and potential screen damage. It is also possible to install a specially developed airflow system that quickly and efficiently regulates the transport of particles of the correct size. This increases the capacity of the solution and reduces energy consumption.


Dinnissen's brilliant solution is latest in a long line of applicants for the awards, other applications also being recieved from companies such as Wingmen Group, Henry Simon and Yenar.


All applicants into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards will give presentations at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference at VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia on March 24th, discussing why their innovation is worthy of winning the coveted GRAPAS trophy.

The 2019 GRAPAS Innovations Awards were a brilliant success, with Ballaguer Rolls taking home the runners-up prize, along with three winners crowned: Selis' DAPS system, Petkus' OptoSelector 901t and Bühler's LumoVision.



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