by Vaughn Entwistle, Managing Editor, Milling and Grain


German company FrigorTec GmbH is well known for their excellent line of grain coolers, which help conserve stored grain by killing insect pests and inhibiting the growth of mycotoxins. Now, Frigortec is tackling insect infestations in mills and bakeries with a new product: Debugger.

Heat treatment of mills (thermal remediation)

Heat treatment is an effective and environmentally benign method of killing insects infesting mills and grain storage facilities by raising the temperature within the facility to between 50° to 60°C and maintaining it for a prolonged period of time.

Some heat remediation systems are powered by diesel generators that must be located outside the facility. Other systems use heating systems that are located outside the mill and then the heated air must be run into the building through large ducts. Both these systems entail high fuel costs and suffer from a high carbon footprint.

By contrast, Frigortec's Debugger system uses safe, clean electric power in compact units that can be directly plugged into mains power.

Compared to other forms of pest control, heat disinfection has many advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for pesticides
  • Kills insect pests at all life stages, from eggs, to larvae, to adults
  • Kills insects by protein coagulation
  • Does not pollute or cause toxic fumes
  • Does not corrode or rust metal objects
  • In mills and bakeries heat disinfection is a food-safe process that supports Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) practices
  • Is ATEX certified
  • After heat treatment, dust and deposits are easily removed, reducing potential for mould growth
  • Room temperature never exceeds 60°C to avoid damage to building or equipment
  • Portable units can be strategically placed inside a structure
  • Cost effective and simple to operate
  • Modular design works in nearly all floorplans

Frigortec manufactures Debuggers in a range of sizes and capacity, and also produces an integrated power distribution system.

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