With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, Yenar have a state of the art production plant wiht an area of 40,000 m2, of which 23,000 m2 is covered.

Domestic and global leaders since 1995, Yenar's equipment range includes rolls manufactured using the most up to date technology by means of the double pour centrifugal casting method. These rolls are in demand in many food sectors.

Manufacturing 22,000 units annually of various diameters and lengths as of 2014, Yenar is the fastest growing Turkish company in the sector, supplying hundreds of food sector producers in both domestic and foreign markets by means of professional sales teams.

Yenar also manufactures the fluting and grinding machine for fluted rolls and the sand blasting machine for smooth rolls. Yenar CNC 35150 Fluting and Grinding Machine is mainly designed for flour milling plants’ who are making their own rolls. They can grind according to the miller’s request as a chamfer, camber or cylindrical by choosing one of those profile on the machine. The cutting depth of flute is calculated automatically according to miller’s diagram by the machine. You just input the number of total flutes on circumference or flutes per cm, angles, on the touch screen. This machine is the fastest on the market, you can flute six times to 250x1000mm roll in a minute.