As a leader in bulk material handling, TRAMCO has continued to produce high quality, robust equipment that meets specific customer needs. With these traditions in mind, TRAMCO has developed a complete line of products including the Model RB, Model G, Bulk-Flo, Bucket Elevator, Tramroll and Jetbelt and has recently expanded their focus into the biomass sector.

For more than 47 years, TRAMCO has held a reputation for designing and producing reliable heavy-duty equipment that can withstand severe processing applications at competitive industry prices in both the United States and the United Kingdom. 

A unique combination of design, engineering, proper component selection, manufacturing, and service after the sale has made TRAMCO the source for consulting and supply in bulk material handling situations.

TRAMCO conveyors meet the criteria for delivering product for various industries such as chemical, coal, food and grain, mining, plastic, pulp, rubber and paper, or solid waste and recycling.

*TRAMCO Europe Ltd is fully ATEX Certified  

The Experience

In excess of 60,000 TRAMCO conveyors have been designed and put into service all over the world. This has come as a result of dedication by TRAMCO employees who care about the quality of product and service a customer receives. The level of dedication may be found in our design/engineering staff, technically and mechanically oriented sales engineers, experienced drafting personnel, qualified manufacturing people, and full support for after-the-sale customer service.

Engineering & Technology

Very few conveyors are identical twins; each is developed and built for a particular application and in accordance to our customers' best interest.

TRAMCO engineering and drafting staff use the most current releases of AutoCAD and SolidWorks systems to develop and produce approval drawings and manufacturing drawings with the utmost professionalism. TRAMCO customers may receive their drawings via e-mail to assure the fastest review time possible.

TRAMCO partnered with Engineering Design Automation to develop TRAMCO's one-of-a-kind Design Center allows our customers to research, engineer and size conveyors for their individual applications. In a matter of minutes, the Design Center can provide customers with automatically generated layout drawings for the fastest possible review time.

Automation is further extended through computerized fabrication layout, control punching, and robotic cutting and welding.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The philosophy of TRAMCO is to produce high quality, reliable equipment that meets specific customer needs. Our production facility offers high technology in automated milling and machining equipment and robotics which allows for complete "in-house" production. More than 12 acres make up the TRAMCO complex thus providing flexibility for construction of all types of conveyors. Spare parts are also manufactured on site, which permits more timely and better response to satisfy situations that arise for critical spare parts.


Another service offered to customers is that of conversions. TRAMCO customers may have a facility that is in need of updating. TRAMCO can upgrade an older unit using TRAMCO components. It is a rather easy task as once provided with the critical dimensions, we will provide a conveyor that is better with new TRAMCO parts.

Bottom Line

When you buy TRAMCO, you get customer-dedicated people from industrial, mechanical, and milling engineers to professional staffing at all levels. Expertise, knowledge, manufacturing know-how, and the comfort that comes with every TRAMCO conveyor. You get what you pay for... Conveyor Systems That Deliver!

Ag Growth International 

Ag Growth International (AGI) is a leading manufacturer of grain and fertilizer handling, storage and conditioning equipment. Our brands are amongst the most recognized in global agriculture in both Commercial and Farm sectors. We have manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Italy, and distribute our products globally.Our product catalog includes augers, belt conveyors, grain storage bins, grain handling accessories, grain aeration equipment, grain drying systems, and fertilizer handling and storage systems.

Tim Schmitz

Tim Schmitz