TekPro Ltd. Specialise in post-harvest sampling and test equipment known as “Samplex”, “Holmen” and “Insecotmat”. All products are manufactured at their UK factory, but are available worldwide.

Traceability of food and food ingredients from ‘farm to fork’ has become an important issue for agri-food firms and policymakers, particularly where food safety is already a major concern. By working closely with the industry’s regulatory bodies, TekPro help many within the industry meet these challenges, providing the means of taking a truly representative sample and giving real value to the lab analysis.

With their Headquarters in the heart of Norfolk, UK, TekPro Ltd are a small, family run team of experienced electro-mechanical engineers, with all products exclusively made in Britain, using the highest quality materials and equipment. TekPro take the time and care to engineer each piece of equipment to the same exacting standards.

In essence – TekPro believe that simplicity, reliability, and longevity are key.

 The Samplex range of bulk samplers are designed to ensure quality testing of products, based on truly representative core sampling, and capable of meeting the standards as set out in ISO24333. They are accurate, adaptable for site-specific requirements, and eliminate the traditional health and safety risks associated with manual sampling processes. They allow multiple, frequent, consistent and accurate samples from trucks, trailers, trains etc.  By taking a truly representative sample, using the patented gravity fed UniSpear, the Samplex CS range offers complete piece of mind, and gives meaningful value to any subsequent analysis.

The Holmen pellet durability tester range is exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by TekPro under licence to Borregaard. It is the animal feed industries de-facto Pellet Durability Tester.  Knowing your Pellet Durability Index can assist with the control of pellet quality, increased productivity, and help to reduce energy consumption, and the need for costly and time consuming reworking. The Holmen range of testers can provide quality insights to help optimise production efficiency in busy mills.

The Insectomat range of Insect detection machines are designed to quickly test 5kg or 10kg of Wheat, Oats or Barley for the presence of Insects. Using this equipment, a load can be safely checked before unloading, preventing contamination of other stored materials and creating the risk of infestation, it was developed in close co-operation with the Home Grown Cereals Authority in the UK.

By having their own in-house sales and marketing department, and having distributor representation in over 80 countries around the globe, means TekPro can better serve key global food markets, but service doesn’t stop at the point of purchase either. By maintaining contact, TekPro’s customers receive the performance they demand, enabling equipment to run at peak performance. Spare parts are readily available, as well as servicing and advice from their experienced long-serving engineers.

Tyrone Moy

Tyrone Moy

Sales / Marketing Executive