Set up in 1984, the S.T.I.F Company has gained a solid international reputation by exporting the following products to over 30 countries:

  • Metal and plastic elevator buckets
  • Compression couplings for pneumatic conveying systems
  • Metal pipes for gravity flow
  • Round sealed inspection doors
  • Pressure/vacuum safety valves for silos.

The production unit is based in the west of France near Angers, 80 km from the port of Nantes - Saint Nazaire, and it covers 10,000 square metres. The policy of constant investment developed by S.T.I.F. over the years, with the objective of maintaining its technological advance, has led it to purchase and install the most modern production equipment available, at the service of a highly efficient methods and tools team. Its competitiveness and reactivity have thus enabled S.T.I.F. to sign a number of subcontracts to make batches of special parts to add to its catalogue of standard parts.

Their products are sold in other countries via independent local distributors selected for their conscientiousness and their skills ; in countries where distributors have not been selected, they organize direct sales on a case-by-case basis, grouping deliveries to reduce transport costs..

Don't hesitate to contact them to obtain details of your nearest distributor. They can communicate in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian and have materials in all these foreign languages.

JOSE Burgos

JOSE Burgos