Statec Binder is based in Gleisdorf (Austria). For more than 40 years they have been successfully applying their experience in packaging technology worldwide.

Thanks to constant further development and optimization of proven technologies, Statec Binder, has taken the lead with new, innovative packaging concepts and is thus considered one of the leading suppliers of high-performance open-mouth bagging machines.

The name Statec Binder stands for absolute reliability coupled with precision.

Statec Binder develops, designs and assembles all bagging machines and palletising systems in its own ISO-9001 certified plant in Gleisdorf, Austria.

To date, more than 1,400 packaging machines and palletizers have been delivered around the globe and have been successfully installed to the complete satisfaction of customers.

Statec Binder’s customer base ranges from small businesses to large corporations. Represented on all five continents, they supply a wide variety of industries. Whether petrochemical or chemical industry, animal feed production, agricultural business, foodstuffs, sugar or fertilizer industry.

For all industries, made-to-measure solutions – tailored to the corresponding general conditions – are always created and focused on customers. Beyond the standard product line, Statec Binder offers customer-specific solutions, too, drawn up together with the customer.

Stefanie Reifbaeck

Stefanie Reifbaeck

Marketing Manager