For over forty years Siwertell screw-type unloaders have provided the world’s cleanest, most efficient dry bulk unloading performance, along with very high capacities. This impressive legacy is carried forward by our commitment to continuous development. Our current capabilities meet and often exceed the market’s growing demands for increased efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Exceptional performance

Siwertell screw conveyor technology depends on the exceptional performance of its counter-rotating inlet feeder, developed by two Swedish inventors, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell, who combined their surnames to give the brand its famous name. Their initial work was aimed at the agricultural market, but the potential for ship unloading applications was obvious and in 1974 the Siwertell ship unloader was born, along with the company AB Siwertell. Read more >>

Loading systems, road-mobile unloaders, conveying systems and full terminal systems followed, all bearing the Siwertell hallmarks of efficiency, reliability, high capacity and minimal environmental impact.

Part of Bruks Siwertell Group

Siwertell is part of Bruks Siwertell Group that specialises in dry bulk handling, with its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. Bruks Siwertell Group owns Siwertell AB (previously part of Cargotec) and Bruks Holding AB (previously part of JCE Group). Both companies are world-leading suppliers of bulk materials handling solutions. Bruks Siwertell Group is owned by JCE Invest AB (52%) and Cargotec (48%).
Bruks product porfolio includes screeners, size reducers, solutions for stacking, conveying, ship loading, truck-unloading and storage. All products can be used for many types of dry bulk materials.


Siwertell's strategy for 2016-2018 focuses on our aim to secure profitable growth by maintaining our market position in existing bulk markets, extending our product portfolio, entering new markets, standardizing selected products and developing more effective internal processes. Our target is to transform Siwertell from a global equipment provider to the global leader in intelligent bulk handling solutions.  

Our strategic goals

Extend our product portfolio Our aim is to serve a larger number of clients and industry sectors by providing a wider variety of products for the dry bulk industry.

Increase the effectiveness of internal processes We aim to reduce the time taken from order to delivery without compromising technical excellence, design quality and performance.

Grow our market share By strengthening our position in new regions and material sectors, empowering our representative network and increasing our global presence.   

Provide even better service We aim to further strengthen our ability to provide planned, on-demand and emergency service in key markets, reduce lead times for spare parts deliveries and improve our Siwertell CARE service agreement processes.


Vision and Mission

The Siwertell vision is to be the first choice of supplier for dry bulk handling systems. The Siwertell mission is to improve our customers' processes through delivering intelligent solutions.

Core values

The Siwertell core values define our culture and the way we do things. They inform our behaviour internally and externally; uniting people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds; enabling us to treat each other with mutual respect, and helping us work harmoniously together at Siwertell.