Simatek is a leading manufacturer of industrial air filtration solutions. Our high-tech products and systems optimise footprint, performance and maintenance for industrial plants worldwide. All at a low cost of ownership.

Our air filtration solutions two main areas:

Dust collection and aspiration: A wide range of pulse-jet bag and cartridge filters that are designed to work with dust explosion vents and meet international standards and certifications.

Process air: A range of sanitary and non-sanitary baghouse filters for the processsing industry – including process filters with Cleaning in Place (CIP) and super sanitary filters that meet the USA 3A standard.

Unique technology and specialised expertise are at the heart of everything we do at Simatek. Our core team of dedicated employees – alongside our global network of partners and representatives – are ready to help you find the solution that will benefit your business the most.

We call this an optimised investment, effectively delivered.