Silos Córdoba was founded by Juan López Liétor in 1975 aiming to fulfill the needs of the Spanish livestock market through feed and storage solutions.

Nowadays, Silos Córdoba is a world reference in grain storage and conditioning solutions, thus contributing to the economic growth in developing countries.

Over the past years, the company has experienced a steady international expansion and now has local distributors in 37 countries around the world, affiliated companies in Argentina, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Romania, Uruguay, Mozambique, India and Nigeria; and they export products to over 45 countries in four continents. 

Today, they also offer a wider range of products and services worldwide:

  • Creation, planning, design and assembly of agribusiness and livestock facilities.
  • Creation, planning, design and assembly of feed mills.
  • Silos manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing of metal structures and cladding.
  • Manufacturing of grain conveying and handling systems.
Beatriz Garcia de la Mata

Beatriz Garcia de la Mata