Shandong Jintai Rolls Co., Ltd. is a large and professional manufacturer in China that integrates research, development and produce alloy rollers.

They have advanced middle frequency furnace, and compound centrifugal casting machine, precise complete metal cutting equipment, advanced modern quality measurement and control process.

The alloy rollers we manufactured include three series and up to hundred varieties:

1. Main products for oil and food industry: Grinding rolls for grain mill, rolls for noodle machine and instant noodle machine, rolls for chocolate machine, rolls for all kinds of biscuit machines, rolls for oil crop, salt industry and cotton flax machines, and rolls for feedstuff and tobacco machines. 

2. Main products for chemical industry and paper making industry: Rolls for various grinding machines, and rolls for printing ink, painting, coating chemical, plastic and paper making, metallurgical, grease and rubber machines. 

3. Shandong Jintai Rolls have developed the wet crush roll (rolls for malt and rice crush machine), which is hige chromium type, wearable and anticorrosive, is a new and high-tech product. 

As they have a close co-operation with world-famous companies, they produce high-standard quality. With ISO certification for all their products, they export to many countries all over the world. 

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Mr. Zhang Haitao

Mr. Zhang Haitao