Saygili Rulman’s story of commerce started in a 50-square-meter shop 30 years ago and continues to be written today in a 10,000-square-meter indoor facility with new goals for growth. In this story, the building blocks that formed the basis of Saygılı Rulman family are their moral values ​​and their love for their country.

Over the years, Saygili Rulman strove to expand this business, and now they continue their efforts with younger talents and a dynamic staff. They hold morality as the fundamental ingredient required by work ethic, and by the sweat of their brow, they embed this fact to every work they do like an embroidery.

Without forgetting their past, they aim to add a new page to their story every day by foreseeing the future correctly. These inclusions will come to fruition through innovation, technology and common sense.

By virtue of the experience being in the centre of business life for many years brought, success is a concept that is too deep to be measured by numbers. Investing in the development of business acumen and managerial skills is necessary for building the future right.

With all their motives and goals, all of the Saygılı Rulman Family, gave their hearts to write, read and make others read their story. They are grateful to all of their employees, customers and business partners who had a hand in every sentence they wrote.

Customer Services

Customer Services