Rotaflex Mill is a robust and lightweight Spout Cleaning System allows you to clean your mill in just a day.

Rotaflex takes only 30 seconds to clean a 8m long mill spout. Rotaflex removes all fouling from all Mill types. Choked spouts are easily removed using Rotaflex without damage, ductwork can also be cleaned with the same system, just with different attachments. Energy savings can be increased dramatically as Rotaflex cleans heat exchanger and boiler tubes with bespoke accessories. Rotaflex is designed and manufactured by one of the world’s most innovative industrial cleaning specialists, TubeTech International Ltd, and is used by mills in over 60 countries worldwide. Rotaflex is simple, quick and cost effective which your customers will love to see as it means the product you supply is guaranteed to be of good quality and infestation free.

One person can operate Rotaflex, occasionally assisted by a colleague on the lower floor, who confirms when the cleaning head brush appears at the bottom of the spout or hand hole. Flexi-drives are pulled up and down your dirty mill spout with a brush or de-scaler, rotating at the chosen speed, cleaning back to original spout cleanliness. Rotaflex features electronic controller, variable-speed and balanced wheels for easy handling. The flexible drive has an improved blue, food-grade coating – so robust, even a truck can drive over it without damage!! You can order an 8 or 12-metre-long flexi-drive, plus a set of matching cleaning heads depending on your various mill applications.