PETKUS Technologie GmbH, founded in 1852, was the world’s first manufacturer of mechanical seed sorting equipment. PETKUS today has grown to be one of the market leading suppliers of a comprehensive range of seed and grain handling and processing technologies as well as feed plants.

The company’s core competence now lies in the technological development of complete turn-key systems, based on a full suite of world class process technologies and equipment, storage, conveying and control systems.

Key areas of PETKUS:

• Corn seed processing and -drying
• Sugar beet seed processing
• Fine seed cleaning
• Cotton delinting
• Seed treating, coating, pilling
• Grain drying, -drying and -storage
• Oil seed storage and processing
• Mixed feed processing 
• Pre-mix plants

PETKUS draws on its intensive experience, scientifically proven technical fundamentals and the know-how of its employees to enhance its knowledge base and to re-invest that learning in continuing development of innovative technologies.

PETKUS Technologie provides advice and consulting services to customers to generate long term benefits from the application of technology to their particular business circumstances.

PETKUS becomes involved from preliminary planning and execution until turn key commissioning of the plant. PETKUS trains the technicians of the customer in their own training centre or directly at the plant. PETKUS offers long term, customer-orientated after-sales service.

A global network of PETKUS offices and associated partners provides constructive and confidential co-operation that delivers tangible results through agronomic technological consulting and local access to world-wide know-how.

Reference projects all over the world demonstrate the competence of PETKUS technology, with its own focus on delivering lasting benefits and competitive advantage to our clients.

CONSULTING and SERVICE for MACHINES and SYSTEMS for the benefit of our clients.

Natalya Panassenko

Natalya Panassenko