Pspa - Post Stress Thermal Application

PSPA ( Post Stress Powder Application) is a technology for applying pulverous additives and ingredients onto granular products, after pelleting or extrusion, avoiding cross contamination and avoiding all production stresses including thermal stress.

Our solution is to incorporate these pulverous additives at the end of the production process  using our PSPA technology that:

- reduces the consumption of expensive feed additives,
- reduces the incidence of non-conform products because of inadequate concentration or because of cross contamination 

With the PSPA technology, PLP can guarantee an efficient pellet coating with the desired additive: the result is a homogeneous coverage and a durable additive attachment to the pellet surface resulting in a low c.v.

The PSPA solution can combine different technologies:

Gravimetric and accurate dosing of the pellets and proportional dosing of the additives.

· Continuous paddle coater (MT series) or drum coater, both specifically designed equipment for an efficient coating of granular substrates.
· Spraying of the pulverous additive(s) onto pellets using the properties of triboelectricity*.

For difficult applications and for best results we can use, Seal4FeedTM**

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