Dosamix - Technology In Liquid Dosing, Mixing And Spraying

Why choose Dosamix technology system ? 

The Dosamix system is the best way to add all the liquids into the mixer.

Dosing is done by accurate weighing scales, the premix of the liquids is handled by the HOMOGENISER machine which creates a homogenous solution even when combining together both water and oil based products. The spraying, by the SMOG Atomiser, guarantees small droplets and a perfect distribution into the mixer.

Advantages :

  • Precise dosage accuracy
  • Excellent homogenization
  • Perfect distribution of liquids inside the mash during the mixing phase, regardless of the type of mixer
  • Suitable for  handling  any type of liquid : fats, oil, molasses, lecithin, creams, acids, amino acids , solvents.
  • Management cost reduction

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