ORYEM A.S. is one of world leaders in feed milling technology, they started their activity in 2012 on the basis of one of most top producers of flour mills in Turkey, UNORMAK GROUP.

Their factory is located the in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. Their aim is to provide more innovative and higher quality services with maximum integration of technological innovation to the product.

ORYEM participates in both domestic and overseas exhibitions and conferences. ORYEM follows up the fast and sustainable solutions policy and satisfies requirements of customers in complete.

ORYEM specialized in producing, designing and building all feed machinery system as turnkey systems. They also sell individual machines which optimize quality and consistency with fast, intelligent and reasonable solutions in the feed processing systems.

ORYEM serves their customers in the poultry, cattle and all livestock branches. Apart from that, ORYEM, during production focuses on energy saving, more efficiency, environmental clean-up and user-friendliness, hygienic products, customer and solution-oriented production, after sale services and customer satisfaction.

Pursuing the principle of quality-efficiency-customer satisfaction, ORYEM took one of the leading positions in the feed milling field and will continue in the same direction by introducing technological innovations in its products.

Melvulut Oral

Melvulut Oral