Nawrocki Pelleting Technology

Solutions for every pocket, location and requirements

For feeds they:

  • deliver turnkey feed mills for mash feeds and pelleted feeds,
  • design all sections of a feed mill including intake, storing, grinding, dozing, mixing, pelleting, packaging and truck expedition,
  • design production towers along with all other constructions,
  • manufacture all machinery in European Union according to all current norms.

For biomass they:

  • design turnkey biomass pelleting factories for wood, straw and other raw materials,
  • design individual technologies for every raw material including mixtures,
  • manufacture machinery suited best for your requirements,

Among other suppliers they are distinguished by

  • very narrow specialization in technology and machinery for the production of granulated feeds and pellets from biomass,
  • flexibility of technical and technological solutions dependent on Investors' individual requirements,
  • comprehensive approach to the investment project from the point of view of technology, finance and deadlines,
  • professional and rapid service with full technical facilities and its own production,
  • full after sales technical and technological support.
Pawel Nawrocki

Pawel Nawrocki